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Dr. Avital Ginton – A concise CV.

Avital Ginton is a Psychologist (Ph.D.) and a retired Commander (Colonel) of the Israel Police, in which he served for 22 years (1977-1999).  In the last five years of his service, he headed the Psychology & Organizational Counseling Division and before that the Scientific Interrogation and Behavior Section of the Criminal Identification and Forensic Science Division.  In that capacity, he headed the Israel Police Polygraph Field Labs, Polygraph School and Research unit. His expertise includes in addition to  Psychophysiological Detection of Deception (Polygraph) also other psychological applications for criminal investigation. Since his retirement (1999) he owns a private firm;AV-GN, Polygraph, Applications and Research,  that offers services in these matters.  In 2007, he has established together with an Israeli colleague (the late Ishayau Sigi Horowitz), theHorowitz-Ginton Credibility Assessment Academy, which includes a polygraph school accredited by the American Polygraph Association.

In 1986/7 Dr. Ginton was among the six founders of the Israel Polygraph Examiners Association, and during 1995-2001, he served as the president of the organization. Since 2002, he is also a full member of the American Polygraph Association (APA).

Dr. Ginton has taught over many years (1971-1986) in the departments of Psychology and Criminology at Tel-Aviv and Bar-Ilan, Israeli universities, respectively.  From the former, he also received his B.A. and Ph.D. (1978). His formal education was mainly as a physiological psychologist.
On 2004, he has resumed his teaching in Tel-Aviv University as an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty Of Law, for four consecutive years and later as a Guest Lecturer.
Dr. Ginton also holds a Master degree in Public Administration from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government (1993).

In 1977, while being a junior faculty in Tel-Aviv University, he received an offer to join the Israel Police as the head of the polygraph section, and decided to try the “real life” out there, for a year. At the end of the year, he made up his mind to give away the potential academic tenure position, and stay with the police, while still keeping a part-time  office at the university. Dr. Ginton’s affair with the Police has lasted for almost twenty-two years of service, during which he graduated from the highest course for senior rank officers and reached a rank of a Commander (Colonel).

During the years, he has been involved in lots of research activities and has published alone and with others numerous articles both in Hebrew and English. A few years ago, he has published an alternative theoretical framework to the old Backster's "Psychological Set" theory of polygraph testing, known as the Relevant Issue Gravity (RIG) Strength theory (Polygraph, (3) 2009).

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Dr' Avital Ginton, Psychologist, Expert in Polygraph testing and other methods of credibility assessment

40 years of experience in the academia and professional practice.

Police Commander (Ret); headed Israel National Police Psychology Division and all Polygraph activities - i.e. Polygraph testing, School and Research.

Past faculty member in Tel-Aviv and Bar-Ilan Universities, Israel.